Collaborative Overload Survey from Network Assessments


The collaborative intensity of work has exploded over the past decade due to companies transitioning to matrix based structures, increased complexity of products and services, globalization, email proliferation and adoption of collaborative tools and social media. Most knowledge workers or leaders spend 85% or more time in a given week on email, in meetings and on the phone. This places an enormous – and invisible — cost on organizations and people. To be sure technology, demanding bosses, needy clients and inefficient co-workers were problematic. But for most of us these time drains are matched by another enemy – ourselves. While there is undeniably a more demanding reality today, much of the problem is driven by how we decide to structure that reality or let our calendars and "to do" lists look like someone else's idea of fun.

The good news is that some people do this well. And perhaps even better news is that they are not doing anything heroic – typically just 3-4 things differently that enable them to claw back 18-24% of their collaborative time. This diagnostic asks you to reflect on a set of beliefs and practices that distinguish more efficient collaborators. Please take the time to answer each question thoughtfully. Upon completion you will receive targeted suggestions based on opportunities your profile reveals.